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The Wise School of Ministry

"We teach people in the ministry what they'll never learn in seminary!"

Through this unique online school of ministry, you will be able to access the dynamic mind and ministry of Dr. C. Dexter Wise III. This two time Harvard graduate, noted author and gifted pastor now offers on the Internet (and also on audio cassette, books, tapes, CD, VHS and DVD for persons who do not have access to the web) interesting, insightful, and practical courses on everything from "How We Got Our Bible" to "How to Preach Without a Manuscript."

In addition to Bible Study classes, Dr. Wise offers live courses on preaching, youth, men's ministry, church growth, marriage counseling, and ministers wives which he teaches throughout the year from his home church Faith Ministries in Columbus, Ohio, across the nation and around the world.

In addition to its founder Dr. Wise, this pioneering online school offers several courses based on the work of some of our nation's most gifted preachers, teachers and pastors.

Therefore, at TWSM, the wisdom and wealth of their multiple decades of preaching and teaching experience are now only a click away.

The instruction at TWSM is offered in the following formats:

Tutorials where you read a written lecture or series of

lectures on a specific topic.

Audio Courses where you receive courses by audio tape as you follow along with the written notes of the lectures on your computer screen.

Video Courses where you will be able to both see and hear your instructor provide you with up to date, easy to use tools and tips on how to do ministry in the 21st century through a series of lectures on a given subject.

Audio and/or Video Seminars which consist of one lecture dedicated to a single subject related to the principles and/or practice of ministry.

Audio and/or Video Sermon Series where you will be instructed and inspired by the powerful preaching through which you always learn as you listen.

Live Monthly Lectures for those in the greater Columbus, Ohio area, Dr. Wise teaches a seminar once a month at his home church Faith Ministries, 2747 Agler Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43224. (614) 416-8500.

Personal Preaching Coach. For a small fee, Dr. Wise will personally evaluate cassette tapes of your sermon in several key areas and make concrete and constructive suggestions on how to improve your preaching.

Annual Conference in June open to students, friends and guests. These conferences will be held across more than one day with a specific practical ministry theme.

Whether you take these classes for personal enrichment or towards a Diploma in Biblical Studies, Theological Studies or Practical Ministry, you will surely be blessed and better able to serve in the ministry because of your matriculation at TWSM!

So, what are you waiting for? Register right now and get ready to move on up higher in your ministry for the Master!

Who It’s For

In general the C. Dexter Wise School of Ministry is for anyone who desires to grow in their knowledge of and relationship with Christ. However, it has been especially designed for:

Young Preachers who have just accepted the call to ministry, are relatively new in the ministry, and/or want a firm footing of Bible teaching, preaching skills and sound Christian doctrine on which to stand as they preach.

Associate Ministers who would like to develop and deepen their ministry foundation and skills as they serve in ministry under an established senior pastor.

Seasoned Pastors who seek to freshen up on their Bible knowledge, excel in the art of preaching and teaching the word of God, and effectively grow their respective ministries. This school also gives each pastor a partner to help train his or her associate ministers and church leaders without having to do it themselves.

Church School Teachers who feel a need for a better foundation in the word as they teach.

Lay people who yearn for a deeper understanding of the word of God.

Okay! You’ve been saying that you didn’t have the time or the money to go to school! Well, now at an incredibly low cost, you are only minutes away from class. Register now and get busy!