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The International Certificate in Church Leadership


In response to the many regular requests it gets from our partners around the world for biblical, accessible, affordable and practical teaching, Wise Works, Inc. is launching a brand new International Certificate in Church Leadership. This in depth and broad ranging series of 12 courses will be offered through the IFFM Chapters around the world.

This new endeavor will provide the international members and friends of IFFM with an excellent opportunity to study and be trained by Dr. Wise via video tape and to receive a Certificate from The C. Dexter Wise School of Ministry as Church Leaders. Furthermore, the offering of this Certificate affords IFFM Chapters with a viable means of generating funds as the tuition to receive it can add to the chapter’s financial stability.

Here is how it will work:

1. Interested IFFM Chapters will pay an annual licensing fee of $100.00 and 10% of all tuition which is generated from the students who take the course. The price each chapter charges per student should be based on its area and pre-approved by Wise Works, Inc. All other proceeds from the tuition may be retained by the chapter for its own economic development.

2. Licenses will be given with proximity to other licensed IFFM Chapters in mind. That is to say, more than one chapter will not be licensed in the same area.

3. Each licensed IFFM Chapter must agree not to duplicate, sell or broadcast any of the written or recorded materials without the express written consent of Wise Works, Inc.

4. Each IFFM Chapter will set its own schedule and place to offer the course and must be responsible for providing the place and equipment to facilitate it.

5. Once each class has completed all thirteen of the courses and successfully passed each of the thirteen exams, the IFFM Chapter will send the exams along with the necessary fees to Wise Works, Inc. either by post or electronically.

6. After the exams are reviewed and approved, the official Certificate from The C. Dexter Wise School of Ministry will be issued and sent to the IFFM Chapter for its conferring upon the graduates at a ceremony and celebration of its choosing.

7. The process begins again with a new set of students recruited to complete the next course.

For more details on how you can get started developing your members, your chapter and your community, contact Dr. Wise at: or (614) 898-1997. Also feel free to visit the school web site at