7 Habits of Successful Saints*

    1. ____________ and studies the Bible regularly.     2. ____________ daily.       3. ____________ church weekly.       4. ____________ cheerfully.     5. ____________ enthusiastically.       6. ____________ frequently.     7. ____________ joyfully.   Study Questions 1. What is the difference between reading and studying the Bible? 2. Do you have a regular time to read, study and pray? If so, when is it and 
how much time is it? Can it or should this time be increased? If you do
not have a regular time for Bible reading, study and prayer, schedule
that time now and make it a regular part of your day. 3. Check the Yellow Pages or the Internet and find out where the nearest seminary or theological school is to you. Call there and see if they will
allow you to have a library card and/or to use their library. Also check
out their bookstore. This school will be a good resource for you. 4. Which of the seven habits are you strongest in? Which are you weakest
in? What steps can you take to improve on your strengths and
strengthen your weaknesses? 5. How do you see the development of these seven habits will help you to
​ be successful in ministry?

*This video represents a small part of a course. Most courses are longer and much more in depth. 

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