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In January of 2014, I began a series of daily devotions which were sent via email to hundreds of people and posted on our church’s Facebook page for the whole world to see. The response was immediate and immense.

People from Columbus to Kenya, from Indiana to India and from Durham to Dubai got hooked on the habit of starting their day with E.W.D.W. According to their reports, they looked forward to the daily devotion in the same way as they might anticipate the morning newspaper landing on their doorstep. Only this time, what they were receiving was not just the news. It was good news!

The individual devotions in these books are based my online E.W.D.W. series. Each one of the devotions in these books includes a title, a text and a teaching which will jump start your day and give you a little light along your way.

The first volume focused on Joy, Faith and Spiritual Maturity. The second volume concentrated on handling Adversity, expecting and experiencing Miracles and navigating the ups and downs of life’s Journey. The third volume looked at Jesus as our Jubilee, God as the source of our Abundance and the Holy Spirit as our guide through the Seasons of our lives. The fourth volume had to do with the blessings of Obedience, the gifts of Newness and the power of Decision.

The fifth volume includes meditations on: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, The Fruit of the Holy Spirit, Holy Week and The Holy Spirit Himself.

The most recent sixth volume focuses on Going to the Next Level in: Your Mind Your Prayers, Your Commitment, Your Witnessing and Your Fruitfulness.

You can read one a day on weekdays for three months. You might mediate on one every day for two months. Or, you could enjoy any one at any time you feel the urge for an instant inspiration. No matter how you choose to experience it, you are sure to be blessed by it.
So, dive right into these devotions any way you like. Go ahead. Make your day!

Dr. C. Dexter Wise III
Westerville, Ohio